Vsauce’s Michael Stevens enters The Create Unknown

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Michael Stevens enters The Create Unknown! The internet’s science dad and the creator of Vsauce joins us to talk about starting YouTube’s largest education network. We go way back to the origin story of Vsauce as a gaming channel through his decision to bring Kevin into the fold as Vsauce2. Michael continues to push the boundaries of the platform, and we hear about how that led him to innovate new video formats and projects like Mind Field and DONG. We also dive into the wave of Vsauce memes and what it’s like to be part of the culture of the internet. All this and more — along with the tragic cautionary tale of Donald Blow.

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Watch Michael in Mindfield Season 3 available now on YouTube Premium.


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Hosted by Kevin Lieber and Matt Tabor

Executive Producer – Dave Keine

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Edited by Adam Ganong

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