We Got Bludgeoned by YouTube’s Hammer

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In the wake of Vox Adpocalypse and the fallout from Carlos Maza and Stephen Crowder’s feud, YouTube has rolled out more changes to its automated content regulation and countless channels have been swept up in the mess — including Vsauce2. In this episode, we talk about how the brute force, computer-driven system is increasingly causing problems for creators who put out objectively inoffensive content.

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We also talk about how YouTube is now deliberately passing over quality content as seen in the algorithm’s throttling of Coffee Break’s recent examination of public policy on vaping, and YouTube’s strange pre-crime stance on channels that use text-to-speech audio. Things aren’t all bad, though, as we celebrate Grandayy and Nerd City for sticking up for creators and using their stature in the community for good.

Along the way we discuss the first butt on television, Matt tries his best to get this episode demonetized, we get into the next big step for brands who want to be on YouTube, and Kevin plays the brown note.

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