We Need to Talk About Cathy… and New Guy

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We wanted to start off 2020 with a bang, so… Matt somehow got reported to the British police because of something that happened on Twitter. And THAT is why we need to talk about the state of the Boomer on social media. 

In this special 90-minute kickoff, Twitter saga starts with a lighthearted quip, weaves in some other YouTubers like Whang!, JohnSwan and our very own Zalgaloo, and ends with Kevin having to fly to London to post bail. (Ok, that part didn’t happen.) 

Then Kevin talks about the ‘New Guy’ comic that started as a tweet from animator Oney and turned into 2020’s first real meme. Kevin explores what’s *really* happening in those four frames and what it shows us about a host of different worldviews. 

And thanks again for supporting The Create Unknown. You really, really do make it happen. Without you all, we’d be rotting in the Tower of London right now.


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