Why Don’t Rich YouTubers Retire?

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PewDiePie and Ninja have reached the mountaintop. So have Jerry Seinfeld, Steve Martin, and David Letterman. Yet not one of them has decided to walk away from it all to live a stress-free life… except a handful of exceptions like Nicki Minaj and Rick Moranis. Why?

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In this episode, we talk about what drives creators to continue doing what they do even when they’re financially set for life and have a long list of accomplishments? We also talk about whether the guys will one day give up on YouTube and find new creative outlets, and why so many creative people never really stop (hint: they can’t).

Along the way we dive into the inherent cognitive discontent that leads them to either keep making stuff or to burn out entirely… and we learn a new word to describe a distinct pressure in the lives of creatives: “anomie.” We also talk about the stunning transformations of Filthy Frank and Rick Moranis and how their unique cases reflect just how difficult it is to be an entertainer.

We develop contingency plans for when Michael and Jake try to murder you, Kevin hides his secret posters, and Matt has pee-pee poo-poo time. Kevin spills the details about his old band, and we all learn way too much about the sardine industry.

All that and more!

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  • Matt sips champagne with Joe Jonas while Kevin searches for a solar eclipse
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  • UPDATE on Kevin’s exploding eyeballs
  • Michael Stevens’ secret recipe for Vsauce


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