WildSpartanz Talks VR, Loot Boxes and Worm Jerky [Ep. 81]

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WildSpartanz is one of the few people who’ve purchased dried worm jerky, and that offers a bit of insight into his content. Ants farting, foamy poop, Amazon’s weirdest items… it’s a constant stream of strange and quirky with a vast rotating cast of characters to hang out with.

Kevin’s buying coffee tables for $0.75, and we talk about what we could get on Wish for a total of $10. The internet is a weird place, and sometimes no one watches your videos. That’s where WildSpartanz comes in to watch YouTube videos with *zero* views. He’s a modern day explorer.

WildSpartanz’s friends — KingAni, who hopped into the live chat with us, Sumito, and a long list of others — are an integral part of his content. But after they’ve all hung out, it’s time to subtitle videos manually. But hey, it only takes 8-10 hours per video.

This leads us into a discussion about AI and VR, which have paradoxically come a very long way since the 1990’s, but somehow aren’t fully there yet. It’s on to social credit and how jaywalking will ruin your social credit score — but WildSpartanz estimates his at 4 out of 10 anyway, so he doesn’t have a lot to lose.

We spend a fair amount of time on digital gambling, namely CSGO skins and the lottery surrounding them. How valuable are they, and what can you actually do with them? It’s a little similar to BitCoin and anything else with a finite number and clear rarity.

A chicken wing pillow in Spartanz’ coom cave? Is WildSpartanz’ content the newest extension of the decades-old America’s Funniest Home Videos? What’s up with the content house? Regrets in videos, the rise of YouTube clips and shorts, and of course, the fursona. It’s all here.

Thanks to WildSpartanz for spending extra time with all of us in the after show, and thanks to all the Patrons who make this show happen every single week.

WildSpartanz: https://www.youtube.com/user/WildSpartanz


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