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The brilliant, singularly-talented William Osman takes a unique approach to creating content: truly, there’s only one egg-dropping madman on YouTube.

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In this episode, William Osman tells us about making fairly pedestrian laser-cutting videos with the goal of landing a job… and how a laser cut bust of Vin Diesel made out of ham and cheese kickstarted his popularity. We also learn about what it’s like to live with fellow YouTuber Michael Reeves and how it inspired William to create a carpet that delivered an electric shock when his roommate walked too loudly.

Oh, and we talk about why it might’ve been a mistake to start with the strongest electric fencer at the store, and what it’s actually like to be electrocuted. Over and over.

Along the way, we dive into William’s obsession with why McDonald’s ice cream machines are always broken, including his theory surrounding their maintenance — AND his long-term plan to get a job at McDonald’s to know for sure. We also dig into the massive amount of work it takes to run a channel, and more specifically what it takes to create merch that doesn’t suck.

While William’s goal is to educate and entertain, he’s a master craftsman of consistent narratives that keep viewers interested even when a topic can be a bit dense. William’s storytelling dynamic his trademark whimsical, fly by the seat of your pants style has created some of the most engaging content on YouTube… and our full conversation reveals what it really takes for him to keep creating sustainably (hint: it involves having a Caretaker and pushing back against some family criticism).

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  • William’s expert relationship advice
  • Matt’s run-in with Thai food
  • The grim fate of the ham and cheese Vin Diesel
  • William’s advice for overcoming family pressure to “get a real job”
  • How William quantifies success
  • Making a living on YouTube

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