William Osman’s Grandma Begged Him to Quit [Ep. 47]

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We’ve opened up The Create Unknown Vault to unleash an exclusive Q&A previously available only to our earliest Patrons — extended material from the great William Osman. After William decides to order Thai food during our episode break, Matt shares a story about the most annoying place he’s ever worked.

William launches into relationship advice and how Caretaker deals with the creative madness of The Osman — and the secret appears to be some sort of mystical balance. His story of how Caretaker supported William’s YouTube venture is a great example of how important it is to have people close to you who prop up your confidence and strengthen your ability to deal with real life.

Because… not everyone is supportive. William’s foray into Kickstarter was met with a pretty clear message from his own grandmother: get a real job. And his dad is still sending him job applications.

TV shows, eating up humanity’s time, and laser-cut ham Vin Diesel sandwiches!

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