We Enter Whang’s Endless Cavern of Horrors [Ep. 60]

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*Justin Whang* is a scholar of the strange, a historian of horrors, a titan of Twitter… and that only scratches the surface of the majestic amalgamation of talent that is Whang!.

Whang’s research for his “Tales From the Internet” series has taken him to some odd places, so is there anything that he finds weird at this point? Or is he just desensitized to it all? We kick off the episode by finding out his shockingly tame answer.

And then we talk about what he really does with his “Immortality Rings.”

We discuss Whang’s life on Twitter and the invaluable currency that is the Whang Retweet. He tells us what kind of material makes the cut, what happens when a retweet goes wrong, and how Kevin’s 1980’s computer swimsuit tweet took on a horrible life of its own.

Whang’s made several successful series on his YouTube channel, and that plays into a discussion about a shift to longer-form, documentarian style content like iDubbbz, Internet Historian, and more. But the recipe for that sort of content is delicate; Whang tells us what makes his videos successful *and* what he avoids.

Then we get stupid.

Online genius is remarkably dumb. Are the Paul brothers and Belle Delphine secret geniuses? And what sort of perceptions of a creator influence the content they actually make? Can “internet good guys” like Boogie ever change course?

In addition to YouTube, Whang plays in the band Jynx — and that career trajectory has been a wild ride. From starting off in high school to touring Europe to… why he sings Rick Astley at karaoke.

Patrons want to know about the caloric value of a box in one of Whang’s infamous videos, which topics he refuses to touch, his craziest experience working as an extra on TV sets, and more.

And thanks again to ALL OF YOU for making this show happen!


Hosts: Kevin Lieber and Matt Tabor

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