Weest Talks Gaming, Apologies, and Coom Caves [Ep. 54]

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Intro & Tardiness: 0:00:00

The Second Kevin: 0:03:41

Gamer Life: 0:06:50

Weest’s Humble Beginnings: 0:15:04

Why AmandyXD Had to End: 0:21:36

Twitch Chat & Apologies: 0:27:35

Coom Caves & Confessions: 0:59:34

Patron Questions: 1:14:48

Outro: 1:45:16

Twitch streamer and YouTuber *Weesterner* enters The Create Unknown for an epic 2-hour talk about the daily (or nightly?) life of a GAMER. He even brought his dog Kevin along for the ride, effectively doubling the Kevin concentration of this episode… and perhaps even squaring it.

Weest starts by describing what it’s like to live like a true gamer, including adopting a sleep schedule designed to avoid “peak human hours” and how Overwatch has dominated his life for 4 years. He may be ranked in the Top 500 players of the game, but he’s still convinced that he’s terrible at it.

Then we examine Weest’s career as a content creator, and the strange origins of his internet fame. He tells us about his humble beginnings as a “radio personality” on iFunny — and about how the toxic community there took away any empathy he may have had left. Weest details his transition to YouTube, and the rise and fall of the cursed “AmandyXD” series.

A forensic analysis of the phenomenon of the “Coom Cave” shows Weest’s real depth as a content creator, and probably gets our episode demonetized.

Then it’s time for internet drama. We ask some pretty important questions, like whether any of it actually matters. Is an apology just a PR move? Do people really care, or do they just want to be mad? Weest reveals some deep thoughts about how he’s handled involvement in high-profile issues in the past, and what he’ll do differently in the future.

We round out the episode with some questions from our patrons — and they start off strong.

Jake Roper of Vsauce3 needed to know some very important information: how many hot dogs can Weest fit in his mouth? After we find out exactly that (through a live demonstration, described on audio the best we can), we learn the worst insult levied at his friend Brandon/WildSpartanz, and of course, about Weest’s surprisingly graphic fursona.

Thank you to each and every one of our patrons who continue to make this show happen, and thanks again to Weest for joining us!


Hosts: Kevin Lieber and Matt Tabor

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