YouTube and Twitter’s DMCA Extortion Epidemic [Ep. 49]

*John Swan* leaves the pond to address a sinister new force in the YouTube and Twitter scenes: channel takedown extortion and harassment. It’s always been around, but now that it’s possible to doxx creators and shut down their livelihoods, there’s a massive surge in false strikes and impersonation. Sometimes it’s got a financial purpose, sometimes it’s just a bizarre vendetta.

We go over the DMCA system and how YouTube manually checks claims, but they really can’t do it well enough to identify fake takedowns. Justin Whang, Rusty Cage, and now Memeology101 are all victims here, and there are countless more. YouTube just can’t do much about it because they have to comply with DMCA regulations that give a fair amount of power to the fake accuser.

And how do you fight it? John explains that it’s a very expensive, tedious process. Throw in weaponizing the DMCA to violate privacy and you’ve got a legal backdoor to doxxing. Matt equates it to a form of YouTube terrorism because it’s low-effort, hard to stop, and way too effective.

John offers a few solutions, from building a small but robust team dedicated to investigating claims, and giving creators the ability to rout the case to a fraud specialist. Matt wants to know why they can’t just verify age like websites do when he purchases “adult items.”

Baby Gang questions include toxicity on YouTube, platforms tightening speech regulations, how to form an autonomous micronation in the desert, and John Swan’s secret fursona reveal! Thanks again to everyone who supports the show via Patreon — and a special thanks to all our new Patrons, including TripleQuestionMark, whose excellent YouTube video is linked below!

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